Anyone can stamp out a part. IG is a curated collection of manufacturing experts who use our half-a-century of experience to review your specs, build your prototype, and determine the most efficient way to fit the part into your assembly line and into your product.


We’re not just your vendor. We’re your friend and your neighbor. We come to work every morning because you need us to, you depend on us, and we’re not going to let you down.


We’re here to serve you. But we’re also here to serve our community and our world. And every part you order helps us do just that.

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At IG, we take pride in waking up every day to serve our customers, our community, and our world. We’re not just a place to come to work — we’re a family of manufacturing professionals who put our very best into every part we make. So if ideas like excellence, innovation, and teamwork motivate you, we’d love to talk with you.


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